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Founded  in 1970


Most of us experience moments of reflection, contemplation or meditation almost every day - we just call it something else.


A beautiful sunset - a never to be forgotten act of sacrificial kindness - a stunning smile from someone you love  - your favourite smell - a spine-tingling sound of music, all of which are moments that take your breath away, rising up as feelings in your gut area, all of which you become conscious of in your mind - and then the thought drifts away…….


In order to practice any form of meditation, you will need to be able to focus your attention for short periods of time.


And this is done with something you do sub-consciously over 20,000 times a day.


Your breathing.


This podcast will teach you how to do conscious breathing in order to harness you attention and once we have that,  I will take you through a few exercises for the mind, that I know you will enjoy.


Conscious breathing and the ability to relax are essential aspects of dealing with stress.


Slow, gentle, conscious breathing = raised levels of oxygen to the cells and muscle tissue = a deeper form of relaxation +  raised levels of Serotonin, the daytime calming hormone, as calm becomes the norm, during the session.


And you can do this anywhere without going to any meditation classes – on your bus or train – great when flying – at your desk – watching TV – when you are online – out walking on your own -  the list is endless.


Just 10 minutes a day to begin with. Grow that to 20 and that will be fine.


Other benefits may include lowered blood pressure and levels of stress hormones, improved lung function and digestion, decreased blood sugar and cholesterol, improved immune system function, central physiological stability, greater mental clarity, calmness, and a greater sense of self-awareness.


When should you do this?


Whenever you find the time and then slot it in as a part of your daily protocol.


Find some time for yourself each day.