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Founded  in 1970

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Strong in hand, kind in heart

Welcome to Budokan


We have been established for 48 years in the UK and we cater for all adults of all ages, shapes and sizes.


Budokan teaches four traditional Japanese Budo -  martial arts disciplines or ways.

Karatedo – Aikido – Iaido and Zazen -  or seated meditation.


Our members enjoy a progressive syllabus of traditional Japanese martial arts, taught to them by some of the best instruction available in the UK today.  


We hope you enjoy visiting our site.


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Individually hand-made and polished to a professional finish, visually attractive and the practical answer to comfortable meditation or a simple seating solution for improved posture.

A new feature of Our Dan Grades section, will be a Forum, where they wil be invited to post their observations and experiences of workshops and classes, covering a variety of techniques within all of the disciplines taught and practised by Budokan.

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Come in an meet some of the people past and present in Budokan.

The range of books available on the Japanese martial arts and philosophy is considerable.

This list is based on many years of reading the relevant material that has stood the test of time.

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with Passmore Sensei are available by arrangement at SenSpa in Brockenhurst.

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Budokan is a member of the Nine Circles Giri discount scheme on mpst of their clothing and equipment.

If yoiu are a member of Budokan and wish to benefit from discounts  on offer - just email us and we will send yiou our username and passward.

You can then buy direct.

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Budokan has many Teachers Maaters and Students to whom we owe so much.

We have now created a permanent presence  on the site, so that we can all remember who they are and be eternally grateful for the contribution they have made in the practice, promotion and dissemination of Japanese Budo.

Kindly visit the page.

Zen has been described as a special teaching without scriptures, beyond words and letters, pointing to the mind essence of our being, seeing directly into one’s nature, attaining enlightenment.

Zen is not a sect, but an experience.

It is the practice of self-searching through meditation to realise one’s true nature, with disregard of formalism, with insistence on self-discipline and simplicity of living.

The Zen spirit has come to mean not only peace and understanding but devotion to art and work, the rich unfolding of contentment, opening the door to insight, the expression of innate beauty and the intangible charm of incompleteness.

It has been said, that if you have Zen in your life, you have no fear, no doubt, no unnecessary craving and no extreme emotion.

Neither illiberal attitudes nor egotistical actions trouble you.

You serve humanity humbly, fulfilling your presence in this world with loving-kindness and observing your passing as a petal falling from a flower.

Serene, you enjoy life in blissful tranquillity.

Such is the spirit of Zen.

To study Zen, the flowering of ones nature, is no easy task


Paraphrased from Zen Flesh Zen Bones.


Modern day practitioners of Japanese Budo do not include the essence of the spirit of Budo, because of the absence of the spirit of Zen. Shinto and Zen Buddhism and a better understanding of Bushido. more...

Budokan Founder and Mon

New Year message from Doshu - the Founder of Budokan

As we approach the end of still another year, I wanted to share with you all a little background and history of your SENSEI DAVID PASSMORE, for he was with me from the very beginning of his "BUDO JOURNEY". and I know, perhaps more than any others, how far he has traveled more....

A  workshop on Zazen kicks off the year at the Lymington Dojo .

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Grays deep back muscles

...preceded by an insight into how to soften the deep muscles of the back to bring about greater flexibility of the whole body.

What does Zazen - seated meditation - and an image of the deep muscles of the back have in common?



Well, these are the two major areas that Budokan has targetted to focus on in 2018 - the training of the mind and the cultivation of greater flexibility in the body, so as to ensure the proper adoption of the BUILDING BLOCKS of our Budo.


This workshop actually began with a Mind Your Back exercise in how to put your mind through the process of conscious breathing in order to fully relax the deep muscles of the entire spine and its articulations.


And this, of course, includes all of the musculo-skeletal articulations of the entire body.


The principal cause of problems with technique is poor posture, brought about by a general physiology that is embedded in tension, mostly caused by everyday stress, but in terms of martial arts, is a misconception, particularly among men, that muscular tension is required at all levels, in order to properly expedite the wide variety techniques found in traditional Japanese Budo.


When exactly the opposite is required.


...see Mind your Back info.......


This was followed in general discussion by a brief historical snapshot of the  evolution of Mahayana Buddhism in India, one of three principal Buddhist sects there at the time - to the development of Chan - (meaning meditation in Chinese) -  Buddhist thought in China - to what  eventually became Zen - (meaning meditation in Japanese) - Buddhism spreading to Japan in the 12th  Century.


The workshop was split into three sections, each of which began with a discussion in small groups of what had preceded it, followed by a short 20 minute zesshin in each.


Discussion touched on a variety of topics, no particular order...


Buddhist Teachings - a snapshot of the The Four Noble Truths and the Eightfold path more.....


How students can use the consequences of meditation - calm - concentration and clarity, to further their Budo training.


How to manage thought processes.


And just a few more.


At the end of the workhop, each individual was asked to submit their responses to one of two following statements;


Why do you think the practice of the Soto Sect of Zen Buddhist meditation is important to the evolution of Traditional Japanese Budo?


Can you solve the riddle of what appears to be the complete absence of meditation training in the teaching of Traditional Japanese Budo outside of Japan today?


All responses submitted from Dan Grades will be edited, if required and posted up on the Dan grade forum, for everyone to read and comment on in a shortly to be launched Letters to the Editor column.

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A lovely bouquet from Budokan sent in sympathy for the sad passing of the Mother of Marion Hobbins, whose Funeral was held on Monday last week.


Dear all, thank you so much for the lovely flowers and the kind message of sympathy.  Very much appreciated!"