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Founded  in 1970


When people begin to undertake the practice and training in traditional Japnese Budo, they are encouraged to take more of an interest in themselves, through meditation.  Whilst that is commendable and, in fact, makes up our 4th discipline, Budokan also encourages people to take good care of their health and wellbeing.


And that is the purpose of this section of this site.


To provide a wide range of information that will help you to help yourself to learn self massage, maintain levels of fitness, flexibility, muscle tone, weight loss and gut health, along with a whole range of supplementation - as no "diet" is perfect, least of all the average British diet - that will banish the common cold forever and can never be used again as an excuse for missing training!


There are 3 things we should all include in our daily and weekly protocols - an oxygen rich diet - regular exercise and daily meditation.


Healthy Budoka can keep up their training and practice well into old age, if they maintain a fully functioning active body - a positive attitude - and a strong and resilient spirit.


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