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1970 - 2020

Budokan coming together around the World

We have many friends around the world.


People who have trained with and under Doshu and under whom Doshu has trained.


People from all walks of life, who have left their indelible mark on all of us who had the pleasure and honour to kmow them - even if only a little.


People, like dojo leaders and country leaders, have trained together under every terrain and location imaginable and have formed a strong bond, based on loyalty, humility, repect, duty and honour.


Many are still training today in the same spirit that they have done for decades and some have now passed, whose spirit we shall never forget.


Under our initiative here in the UK, and in association with Doshu, it was decided to try to create a lasting legacy to Budokan and those that follow in its footsteps - in order to provide a picture of Budokan and its larger family - something that is greater than all of us.


To kickstart this process we have put up a holding site -, upon which to build.


It is designed to be a legacy to Doshu, but also to help to bring like-minded Budokan people in different parts of the world and others interested in traditional Japanese Budo, together online.


The first phase will be to link up with dojo websites and their leaders, by clicking on a country flag that is active.


So that anyone can go to a site in these countries and see what others are doing, across a broad spectrum of activities, either within the context of technique taught and practised by Budokan or outside of it.


Once we have some traction on leaders and links to their dojo online we can then get into the next phase, which is to upload technical content to restricted areas only available to dojo leaders, at this stage


Initially, it will be Karate technical content only - but soon there will also be Aikido - as there are a few Budokan people who trained under Kanetsuka Sensei, in SA for example.


And Iaido and Zendo will follow soon thereafter.


We will be inviting other classical disciplines to join this Budo initiative after that is completed.


Phase 3 will be what Budokan here in the UK has already begun with Sensei teaching directly to camera across all four disciplines.


This is key, as this content will reflect the Budokan brand of high-quality technical competence, approved by Doshu and Sensei including the technical terms selected for each discipline and the international dojo leaders.



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