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1960 - 2020

Budokan took its name from the famous Budokan in Japan and  began in 1960, in South Africa by its Founder, or Doshu Richard Salmon.


Budokan is a multi-discipline Traditional Japanese Budo organisation which focuses on the Body - training and practice, the Mind - studying and learning and the  Spirit - breathing and meditation.


Budokan in the UK was formed in 1970 by David Passmore, of Budokan SA, with the opening of a small Dojo in Northolt, in North West London to teach Budokan Karate, an eclectic mix of ShukukaiRyu, GojoRyu and ShitoRyu styles of karate, and to carry on the tradition and philosophy of Budokan.


In 1974, Traditional Aikido was introduced to the Budokan training syllabus and in 1978 classical Iaido was incorporated.


Budokan teaches and practises four Traditional Japanese  Budo or martial arts in the spirit of the ancient Samurai – Aikido – Iaido – Karatedo and Zazen - all under one roof – hence the name, which literally means “House of Martial Ways”. 


Classes take place in a friendly and vibrant atmosphere, with some of the highest quality teaching available in the UK today.


Budokan is a longstanding member of DAI NIPPON BUTOKU KAI  (DNBK) in Kyoto Japan.


DNBK was established in 1895 under the authority of the Ministry of Education and sanction of the Emperor Meiji. Its purpose, at that time, was to standardize martial disciplines and systems throughout Japan. This was the first official martial arts organization sanctioned by the government of Japan. It promoted the martial virtues of samurai warriors and high historical proficiency in martial disciplines.


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