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Founded  in 1970

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Strong in hand, kind in heart

Welcome to Budokan


We have been established for 46 years in the UK and we cater for all adults of all ages, shapes and sizes.


Budokan teaches four traditional Japanese Budo -  martial arts and disciplines.

Karatedo – Aikido – Iaido and Zazen - or seated meditation.


Our members enjoy a progressive syllabus of traditional Japanese martial arts, taught to them by some of the best instruction available in the UK today.  


We hope you enjoy visiting our site.

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A workshop in Lymington dedicated to Allan Pert Sensei



Individually hand-made and polished to a professional finish, visually attractive and the practical answer to comfortable meditation or a simple seating solution for improved posture.

Go here for a list of all of our highly skilled Dan grades, who make up the teaching and instructor base for Budokan.


Come in an meet some of the people past and present in Budokan.

The range of books available on the Japanese martial arts and philosophy is considerable.

This list is based on many years of reading the relevant material that has stood the test of time.



Steve Hill has compiiled an impressive number of images on the subject of Japanese Budo, which may be of interest.

If you have some you can add, kindly let him know at

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with Passmore Sensei are available by arrangement at SenSpa in Brockenhurst.


Click here to contact him by email for further information.


If yoiu are a member of Budokan and wish to benefit from discounts at Nine Circles - Budokan is a member of their Giri discount scheme.

Just email us and we will send yiou our username and passward.



will take place on

Saturday 10 December  2016

at the

Lymington Dojo

at 2pm

and afterwards at

the Monkey House


All grades welcome

will take place on

Saturday 26 November  2016 at

Uplands Community College

Wadhurst East Sussex

at 2pm

All grades welcome

In 1979 Allan received his Shodan - 1st Dan Black Belt grade from Passmore Sensei.

From there he went on to instruct and teach in North West London, notching up 40 years in his pursuit of mastering his disciplines of Karatedo, Aikido and Iaido in traditional Japanese Budo, to his current rank of Rokudan and the title of Renshi.


At its height his dojo in Northolt had the highest number of Dan Grades in the whole of Budokan - a great achievement.


Allan Pert Sensei has shoiwn a devoted loyalty to Budokan over the years, which is much appreciated by us all.


The workshop ended with a little presentation to him as a measure of our gratitude to him for all his hard work and dedication.


This was followed by the traditional drink of Sake, enjoyed by everyone.

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Allan Pert Sensei performing and teaching his beloved Karate Kata - this time Tekki Shodan.

DSC00227_2 DSC00240

Tracy Harper and some dodgy Green Belts going through their paces!

DSC00423 DSC00463 DSC00657 DSC00367 DSC00314

Shihan Darren Waghorne pondering the intricacies of Seisan, along with Keith Wright working on Tekki Shodan and Mike Clapham Shidoin performing a move from Fuantei  - Yon Shimpo.

Tony McLaughlin down from London, clearly peturbed at the sight of the new forelocks of Passmore Sensei!

...whilst Pat Miller, also from London, gets down to the serious stuff of pouring the Sake...aah the joy after the pain.