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Founded  in 1970

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Strong in hand, kind in heart

Welcome to Budokan


We have been established for 46 years in the UK and we cater for all adults of all ages, shapes and sizes.


Budokan teaches four traditional Japanese Budo -  martial arts and disciplines.

Karatedo – Aikido – Iaido and Zazen - or seated meditation.


Our members enjoy a progressive syllabus of traditional Japanese martial arts, taught to them by some of the best instruction available in the UK today.  


We hope you enjoy visiting our site and do come again.

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We organise regular workshops during the year for a number of reasons - the original one of which was to provide students who may have missed some practice sessions to catch up a little.


Hard (and soft) training takes place week by week in the dojo, and they are designed to allow students to hone their technique in a vibrant and sometimes challenging environment.


By contrast, workshops are a far less frnetic affair, the focuss of which is to work on technical detail, based on the skillsets and grades of each individual - thereby ensuring that each group is kept quite small.


For example, on Sunday 10 July, we spent some time on the four building blocks of Iaido for a few people, as this aspect of their technical skill required some finishing.   And it was done for them to go away and hone these skils until the next workshop they attend. (Click on the Iaido tab above for further information on these building blocks).


Another small group was engaged in learning how to practice their Aikido techniques in such a way as to seamlessly and with little effort counter a variety of attacks to their left or right side, obliquely in front of and round to the rear of the attacker, from a static start or in a flowing and blending manner. At a higher level, this teaches the practitioner that they don't have to be standing still when attacked, as they could be dictating the angle and side of each attack, simply by positioning themselves advantageously for a more effective counter, literally covering 360º.


Yet another group needed to know the complete Yon Shimpo kata - the fourth kata of this series of five, created by Sensei Passmore in the mid-seventies, which incorporated the soft flowing 'turning palms' movements found in Tensho, along with a greater variety of kicking and Aikido techniques.  Images of all of these kata will be available shortly.


The workshop ended with everyone doing the kata Tensho together - the "softer Sanchin” with deep and more gentle breathing, created by Miyagi the Founder of Goju Ryu in 1921.


From these simple hand movements there is a huge range of counters to a wide variety of attacks that incoporate both Aikido and Karate, that are easy to do and to practice at all skill levels.


So no matter what level or grade you are - everyone can benefit from coming to our workshops.


See you at the next one!

Budokan Workshop in Lymington

on Sunday 10 July 2016

will take place on

Saturday 17 September 2016

at the

Lymington Dojo

at 2pm


All grades welcome



Individually hand-made and polished to a professional finish, visually attractive and the practical answer to comfortable meditation or a simple seating solution for improved posture.

Go here for a list of all of our highly skilled Dan grades, who make up the teaching and instructor base for Budokan.


Come in an meet some of the people past and present in Budokan.

The range of books available on the Japanese martial arts and philosophy is considerable.

This list is based on many years of reading the relevant material that has stood the test of time.



Steve Hill has compiiled an impressive number of images on the subject of Japanese Budo, which may be of interest.

If you have some you can add, kindly let him know at

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with Sensei Passmore are available by arrangement at SenSpa in Brockenhurst.


Click here to contact him by email for further information.


If yoiu are a member of Budokan and wish to benefit from discounts at Nine Circles - Budokan is a member of their Giri discount scheme.

Just email us and we will send yiou our username and passward.

It is with great sadness and sorrow that we bring you news of the passing of Vic Sykes on the morning of Sunday 14 August - after complications had arisen following a triple heart bypass operation in Durban South Africa.


A well known and much revered member of Budokan SA, Vic became a highly skilled Karate practitioner and a great teacher.


He is left by his lovely wife Moira and their son Clinton.


Vic Sykes 1 Vik Sykes4

Vic Sykes - far right - attending one of the many Budokan events in sunny Durban.  His wife Moira is facing away from the camera in the foreground.

On the far right - sitting down is Pam - the wife of the late Ray Ryan - one of the Founders of Budokan SA.

In the centre of the pic at the back is Derrick Wridgway, whom Budokan UK students may recall visiting us at one of our workshops with his lovely wife Sylvia 5 years ago.

Other people Sensei Passmore recognises are Mike Bond seated in the middle and Alan Haig - standing in between Derrick and Vic at the back.



will take place on

Saturday 10 December  2016

at the

Lymington Dojo

at 2pm


All grades welcome