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Founded  in 1970

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Strong in hand, kind in heart

Welcome to Budokan


We have been established for 46 years in the UK and we cater for all adults of all ages, shapes and sizes.


Budokan teaches four traditional Japanese Budo -  martial arts and disciplines.

Karatedo – Aikido – Iaido and Zazen - or seated meditation.


Our members enjoy a progressive syllabus of traditional Japanese martial arts, taught to them by some of the best instruction available in the UK today.  


We hope you enjoy visiting our site.

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Individually hand-made and polished to a professional finish, visually attractive and the practical answer to comfortable meditation or a simple seating solution for improved posture.

Go here for a list of all of our highly skilled Dan grades, who make up the teaching and instructor base for Budokan.

Come in an meet some of the people past and present in Budokan.

The range of books available on the Japanese martial arts and philosophy is considerable.

This list is based on many years of reading the relevant material that has stood the test of time.

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with Passmore Sensei are available by arrangement at SenSpa in Brockenhurst.

Click here to contact him by email for further information.


If yoiu are a member of Budokan and wish to benefit from discounts at Nine Circles - Budokan is a member of their Giri discount scheme.

Just email us and we will send yiou our username and passward.










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Lymington Dojo surprises with an entire workshop on Kumite

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Obviously we could not do justice to the entire repetoire of kumite generally found in most karate styles - but we had a good try!


What is not generally well known is that "kumite" - literally translates into "grappling hands". Another would be "meeting of the hands".  And of course, today it is well known in karate circles as sparring - particularly "jyu kumite" or free sparring, which is found in every single Karate tournament around the  world, and will be seen for the first time in the Japan 2020 Olympics. Can't wait.


Like all karate - it is made up of 3 elements - Kata or Form - Kihon or formal basic training and Kumite.


To do Kumite safely and with the correct attitude, the trainee needs to practice kata and kihon for a considerable time before they should be allowed to undertake kumite - especially jyu kumite or free sparring.


And the reason that we do this is simple - safety.


When a karateka is able to accurately strike swiftly with precision and power, from the right distance, at the right time, with the right attitude and to able to withdraw from a possible counter, takes a multiplicity of skills.


Skills that take time to jurture and hone.

Darren Waghorne and Mike Clapham (L) enjoying a bout of jyu kumite

Sensei Allan Pert putting Keith Molyneux through his paces.


Peter Benson and Marcia Joscelyne  (L) practising some of the basics

The Goodall family action photo - Dad Brian and son James - working hard.

More pics can be found on the Workshop News page to come